Conferences and Worshops for Teachers

With the aim of bringing Astronomy and science closer to school students, in 2010 Heidelberg University, through the Heidelberg Center for Latin America, the Haus der Astronomie, the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and the Metropolitan University of Education Sciences, organized the first conference “Astronomy, between research and school”. This initiative, based on the German project “Science for school” (WIS) and which has produced educational material for high schools considering current topics of astronomy research, gave way to the workshop series “The Universe in the Classroom” (El universo en el aula).

The program seeks to provide tools to foster interest in Astronomy by schoolchildren and includes talks by astronomers, practical workshops to develop teaching materials - used in the teaching of space science - and a visit to the Santa Martina Teaching Observatory of the UC. Since its inception, hundreds of elementary and middle school teachers have been trained throughout Chile.

The realization of the workshops led to the creation of the Astro Network for Teachers (Red Astro Profesores), a communication initiative that promotes, among others, the use of the materials developed within the project and serves as an exchange platform for best teaching practices of Astronomy in Chilean schools.

Graphic, Astronomy at school 2020

In addition, the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, the Heidelberg Center Latin America and the Haus der Astronomie in Germany organize every year between November and December an academic exchange program with an intensive training on astronomy and pedagogical techniques for Chilean elementary and high school teachers. The program aims at enhancing teachers‘ pedagogical and disciplinary competencies to communicate scientific contents in the classroom, with a view encourage students’ love for Astronomy. The training workshop is held in Heidelberg and the HCLA in Santiago de Chile. The HCLA - Center of Excellence in Research and Teaching offers a limited number of scholarships for this activity.


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