AstronomyPh.D. Program HD - PUC

Heidelberg University and the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile run a joint Ph.D. program in which doctoral students from PUC profit from the excellent research environment at the Zentrum für Astronomie (ZAH) of Heidelberg University and doctoral students from Heidelberg are able to take part in the excellent research possibilities offered by the PUC.

In 2011, the Department of Astronomy of Heidelberg University and the Institute of Astrophysics of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile created a Ph.D. Program that combines the existing doctoral programs in both universities. The initiative seeks to develop an exchange between the two university departments by conducting seminars, summer schools and symposiums, as well as workshops that encourage the development of new joint research projects.

The program offers graduate students from each university an exchange scholarship with the objective of working and researching in the associated university. The scholarships consider a stipend of up to one-year  to cover living and travel costs.

To apply for the PUC-HD Graduate Exchange Fellowship scholarship, please visit the following link on the application process.

Applications and Requirements

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List of Scholars of the Doctorate HD-PUC:

2017/18: Gergely Hajdu from PUC, working with Eva Grebel at ARI on “The 3D-Structure of the Inner Milky Way as told by its Cepheid Variables: The VVV Perspective”

2017/18: Yasna Ordenes Briceño from PUC, working with Eva Grebel at ARI on “Unveiling the Architecture of the Fornax Cluster with its Compact Stellar Systems”

2016/17: Sebastian Stammler from HD, working with Jorge Cuadra at IA-PUC on “The Role of Ices in the Process of Planet Formation”

2016/17: Felipe Garrido Goicovic from PUC, working with Volker Springel at HITS on “Infalling Clouds onto Supermassive Black Hole Binaries”

2013/14: Cristina García from PUC, working with Joseph Hennawi at MPIA-Heidelberg on “QSO Environments at z ~ 4”

2013/14: Mirko Simunovic from PUC, working with Eva Grebel at ARI-Heidelberg on “Blue Straggler Star Populations in Milky Way Globular Clusters and the nearby Universe”

2012/13: Jorge González from PUC, working with Fabian Walter and Henrik Beuther at MPIA-Heidelberg on “Probing the Interstellar Medium in High-Redshift Galaxies by Studying the Role of Dust Emission in Star Formation”

2011/12: Mauricio Carrasco from PUC, working with Matthias Bartelmann at ITA-Heidelberg on “Dark Matter Distribution in Massive Strong-Lensing Galaxy Clusters”


For comments and questions about the HD-PUC Doctorate, please contact Prof. Dr. Thomas H. Puzia, tpuzia@astro.puc.cl