Governance Lecture

Since 2016, the Governance Lecture Series at the Heidelberg Center Latin America invites renowned scientists to Santiago de Chile to present the current state of their research on the challenging coordination of different societal stakeholders and resources to achieve consensual goals.

The lecture series is directed at professionals and academic researchers in the field of governance, and at the scholars and students in the Master's program Governance of Risk and Resources, which is offered in partnership between Heidelberg University, the Catholic University of Chile and the University of Chile. The lecture series aims at transferring applied and theoretical knowledge.

In governance, legally independent stakeholders are interdependently linked to each other through problems of collective action. The problems relate, for example, to the appropriate handling of natural and social risks or the sustainable use of resources for social development. Governance processes are organized by the stakeholders themselves in order to find jointly accepted solutions to the problems. They take place in institutional and physically organized interaction spaces in which communication and the exchange of knowledge play a central role: On the one hand, knowledge is an input of the governance process and a prerequisite for successful problem solving. On the other hand, knowledge is also the output of the learning process of governance.

List of previous speakers at the Governance Lectures Series:

2022- Dr. Jeffer Chaparro Mendivelso, El territorio como dispositivo de aprendizaje: la gobernanza y las experiencias educativas no escolarizadas.

2021 - Marco Pütz, Stress in the city: How urban areas van adapt to climate change and why this is not always easy

2020 - Susan Cutter, University of South Carolina, USA: The Politicization of Emergency Management

2019 - Robert Panitz, Heidelberg University, Germany: Networks, Technology and Governance

2019 - Octavio Rojas, Universidad de Concepción, Chile: Lessons from river flooding on the coast of central Chile: an integrated vision from land-use planning in the face of a changing future

2018 - Adré Torre, National Institute for Agronomic Research, France: Territorial Governance, Metropolization and Peri-Urban Conflicts

2018 - Johannes Glückler, Heidelberg University, Germany: Legitimate Governance in Lateral Networks

2018 - Michael Scott, Flinders University Adelaide, Australia: Spatialised Techniques of Neutralisation: Land Use Governance and Coastal Risks

2017 - Michael Handke, Heidelberg University, Germany: Governance of Forest Fire Risk in Chile. The value of geographical knowledge in risk assessment

2017 - Franzisco Giraldo Lopez, Universidad Externado de Colombia, Colombia: Emerald mining in Colombia. Governing regional anarchy?

2017 - Jessica Budds, University of East Anglia, UK: Restructuring and Rescaling Water Governance in Mining Contexts

2016 - Astrid Ulloa, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia: Indigenous Peoples and Relations with Non-humans: Governance vs. Environmental Governability

2016 - Juan José Sanz Donaire, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain: Climate Change as a Political and Media Concept

2016 - Roger Hayter, Simon Fraser University, Canada: Forest Conflict, Remapping, Institutional Innovation, and Stakeholder Governance: Reflections from British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest

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    Ponencia Hibrida
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