M.Sc. Governance of Risk and ResourcesApplication requirements


The program is aimed at graduates in the fields of Geography, Geology, Economics, Agronomy, Engineering, Political Science, Law, etc.

Important Dates

Application deadline
January 20th, 2022

Program start date
March 2022

The program considers the possibility of awarding scholarships in qualified cases.
The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has a limited number of scholarships available for this program.


Heidelberg Center for Latin America
Las Hortensias 2340, Providencia
Phone numbers: +56 2 2234 3466- +56 2 2233 2574
E-mail: info@hcla.uni-heidelberg.de
Web: www.hcla.uni-hd.de


  1. Hold a bachelor's degree in geography, economic sciences, agronomy or studies related to the content of the master's degree "Governance of Risk and Resources", or an equivalent degree, awarded by a national or foreign university.
  2. Have obtained a bachelor's degree (or a degree recognized as equivalent) in a program of studies of at least three years' duration and with grades above average.
  3. Have at least one year of work experience.

Application Documents

  1. Legalized copy of the undergraduate degree certificate*
  2. Record or concentration of the corresponding grades of the undergraduate courses or equivalent.* 
  3. University entrance certificate (in Chile PSU/PAA certificate) or equivalent.*
  4. Secondary education certificate or equivalent.* 
  5. Application for admission (including a CV and a letter of motivation).** 
  6. Applicant's statement.
  7. Two recommendation letters. 

* The document must be submitted in the original language and its respective translation into German or English.

** This document must be completed in English.